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Investor FAQs
Investor FAQs

    1.     What is China Network Media’s business?

    We are a multi-languages portal website that serves to the technology industry and provides advertising opportunities to the companies through our diverse business network in China; we well-positioned our business in the science and technology field and currently operate our website through three different versions in Chinese, English and Japanese. Right now, we have 34 domestic channels including every province, city, autonomous region, cities with independent planning status, Hong Kong, Macau and Tai Wan.


    We mainly provide online platform to business entrepreneurs/corporations with a B2B marketplace that can help our customers:establish their brand image through online magazine, online corporate multimedia advertisement, executives interviews, institutional alliances and flexible membership package that tailor made based on what our customers need. set up company online exhibition to introduce their products to the public, where they have our tailor-made corporate introduction and factory facilities online show room;B2B product purchase platform for companies and end-users; online job opportunity section for corporate clients; and Corporate blogs.


    We also offer a range of business management software, internet infrastructure services and export-related services, and provide educational services to incubate enterprise management and e-commerce professionals.


    Besides our various service models that we provide to enterprises customers, we also provide “home-oriented” online experience to our technicians, science and technology professionals, where they can easily find information related to their work, job opportunities within the technology industry, moreover, they can also meet friends, professionals through our website. BBS is part of our service that users can upload and download software and data, read news and bulletins, and exchange messages with other users either through email or in public message board.


    We are a team combined with passionate employees and a perceiving management team, since the beginning of our business, our company has spent great effort on the website and market development in 2010, and 2011.

    2.     What are China Network Media’s ticker symbol, exchange and CUSIP?

    Our ticker symbol is CNNM, we trade on the Over the counter bulletin board. CUSIP: 16891G102

    3.     How can I get China Network Media investor kits?

    All information for investors is provided electronically on this website.

    4.     How can I get on an email list to receive all press releases or conference call distribution?

    To automatically receive E-mail alerts for the information categories that interest you, please click on E-mail Alerts and submit your E-mail address.

     5.     How do I buy China Network Media’s stock?

    China Network Media’s stock is traded on the OTCBB market, the ticker symbol is “CNNM”, shares can be purchased or sold from any brokerage firm or financial institution that provides brokerage services for OTCBB.

    6.     Who is China Network Media’s transfer agent?

    V stock Transfer, LLC

    77 Spruce Street,Suite 201 Cedarhurst, NY 11516

    Phone: 212-828-8436

    Toll free: 855-9Vstock

    Fax: 646-536-3179

    7.  Who do I contact for a change of address?

    Notify your broker if you move.

    8. How do I obtain a copy of China Network Media’s annual or quarterly reports?

    You may view and download the latest annual report or visit the Filings section on our website or SEC website.

    9. What is China Network Media’s fiscal year?

    China Network Media's fiscal year begins December 31 and ends December 31

    Q1  January 1 - March 31st             Q2  April 1 – June 30th   

    Q3  July 1 – Sep 30th                      Q4  October 31 - December 31st

    10.  When does China Network Media release earnings?

    The company releases earnings 30 to 45 days following the end of the quarter and 60 to 90 days following the end of the year.

    11.  Does China Network Media provide a direct stock purchase plan?

    No. China Network Media does not currently offer a direct stock purchase plan.

    12.  Does China Network Media issue dividends?

    No. The company does not currently issue dividends

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