China Network Media Inc. Build Brand in Network and Health Industry

2016-07-04 16:37:06

China Network Media Inc. was approved to be listed on NASDAQ OTCBB capital market of America in December 2012 with the stock code of CNNM.

China Network Media Inc. takes Science & Technology World Website as its main part, with the idea of “innovative, realistic, cooperative and win-win”. Based in Dalian and faced with the world, the company adopts high starting point and scientific development as its business strategy, aiming at the huge business opportunities of network and old-age care industries. The company strives to become a heavyweight in network media high-tech industry with the main industries comprising network new media, intelligent high-tech old-age care industry and high-tech products distribution.

The successful listing of CNNM in the US market paves the new way of capital and industrial expansion for the development in domestic and abroad of the company’s subordinate companies, such as Science & Technology World Website Media Group Co., Ltd, Science & Technology World Website Hong Kong Media Holding Co., Ltd, Science & Technology World Website Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd, Science & Technology World Network Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd, and Dalian Tianyi Culture Development Co., Ltd.

The new network media, intelligent healthy leisure pension industry, and technology product sell industry made up with the e-commerce platform in Science & Technology World website and 400 branch companies as the primary business.

Science & technology World website

Science & technology World website is the main part of new network media industry, with three kinds of language versions: Chinese, English and Japanese.

Rapid growth of sci-tech industry depends greatly on the support of new network media. Science & Technology World Website develops channels for five continents which are sci-tech Asia, sci-tech Europe, sci-tech America, sci-tech Oceania and sci-tech Africa, channels for Chinese cities above municipal level, as well as other national channels. Channels for five continents are subdivided into 14 columns: sci-tech information, sci-tech enterprise, sci-tech exhibition, sci-tech park, sci-tech patent, sci-tech agriculture, sci-tech policy, sci-tech celebrity, sci-tech life, sci-tech academy, sci-tech innovation, sci-tech toy, sci-tech military and sci-tech finance, and Chinese channel covers 28 columns. The preponderance of comprehensive columns and platforms, multi-language versions of Chinese, English and Japanese, and 400 alliance branches built around the world, undoubtedly make Science & Technology World Website edge itself into the world’s leading sci-tech websites.

The company is screening its merger and acquisition targets with global concentration focusing on websites related to e-commerce, culture and entertainment, as well as science and technology.

Intelligent Leisure Pension Industrial District

The company is planning to develop Intelligent Leisure Pension Industrial District covering an area of 20km2 with the advantage of web media.

10 areas in Intelligent Leisure Pension Industrial District are: Healthy Pension residential area for the members of Science & Technology World website; Healthy Leisure Holiday Resort; International Elder Healthy Leisure Spa area; Ecological Green Vegetables Planting Area; International Elderly Supply Exhibition and Sale Area; International Elderly Supplies R & D and Production Area; International Elderly Healthy Tourism Landscape Area; International Technology Entrepreneurs Club; Intelligent Management Control Center of the park; Clean Energy (wind, solar, biomass) Layout Area.

Technology product sell industry

Company is developing the e-commercial platform International Brand Mall. The platform will be combined with the sell center of Intelligent Leisure Pension Industrial District, and realize the internet sell center of elder product all over the world. In the meanwhile, 400 branch companies in the world will not only sell the elder product, but also select the competitive and good market prospects of the technology as exclusive agent for sell, or equity participation in the operation mode to achieve production and sell integration management.

Development target of company:The function of Science & Technology World Website is perfect, and the web realizes profit in 3 years; intelligent leisure pension industrial district initially built and put into use; Technology products sell get into comprehensive operation, and these three primary business gain income of RMB 2 billion in 2016.

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