Science & Technology World Network Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was Rated as Dalian Public-service Demonstration Platform for SMEs

2016-07-04 16:32:32

On December24th, 2015, Dalian Equipment Manufacturing Industry Service Platformfor SMEs was rated as Dalian Public-service Demonstration Platform for SMEs by DalianMunicipal Bureau of SMEs and Bureau of Finance. Developed on by Science& Technology World Network Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary ofChina Network Media Inc., the platform has already been rated as National Public-serviceDemonstration Platform for SMEs by Ministry of Industry and InformationTechnology of the People's Republic of China on January 7th, 2013.

DalianEquipment Manufacturing Industry Service Platform for SMEs, which has becomethe Public-service Demonstration Platform both nationwide and in Dalian,focuses on introducing nine major services.

1.Provide accurate information of equipment manufacturing industry in time.

In thecolumns of Science & Technology World website, which includes world's fivecontinents’ sci-tech information, and China Machinery Leading Website, whichcaters to Chinese equipment manufacturing industry, the latest developments ofequipment manufacturing industry in the world and China are updated every day.The purpose is to provide the most timely industry information for the majorityof equipment manufacturers, providing useful and nichetargeting referenceinformation partitioned by inland, outland, provinces and regions.

2.Provide comprehensive and accurate technology industry policies and regulationsaround the globe.

BothScience & Technology World website and China Machinery Leading Website havesci-tech policy columns. The columns provide information about nationaldevelopment planning, industrial policies, major projects, laws andregulations, etc. Moreover, a full-time person of the service platform providesSMEs with customized advisory services, including policy, consulting, projectapplication, technical support, investment promotion and capital attraction.State-level experts are invited to attend the association’s annual membermeeting. Reasonable suggestions from the experts are welcomed by enterprises.These suggestions are beneficial for enterprises’ development andtransformation.

3.Introduce equipment manufacturers and brand products to the world.

Science& Technology World website has become one of the world's most famoussci-tech websites. A special column in the website is set up to providecomprehensive member services for enterprise brands and product brands of 1479equipment manufacturers in Dalian. The platform provides free exhibition boothsfor the independent innovation brands of SMEs.

E-MagazineScience & Technology World in Chinese, English and Japanese versions aimsat a sub-sector under the technology industry, focuses on in-depth reporting,recommends outstanding representatives of the enterprises and introduces thedevelopment processes, major events and major products of enterprises.

Sci-TechStars provides sci-tech entrepreneurs with referral service, and establishesentrepreneurs’ personal brands, directly facing the world.

Thespecial topics publicity column of Science & Technology World Website andChina Machinery Leading Website provides a publicity platform for regions andenterprises’ key project, important activities and major events. Withattractive pictures and readable contents, the column plays a significant rolein showcasing the SMEs.

4. Avariety of specialized services based on enterprises’ needs are provided topromote enterprises’ development.

Interms of human resource service, Science & Technology World website has arelatively independent and fully functional sci-tech talents communicationplatform. It provides sci-tech enterprises and talents with interactiveplatform, provides services to satisfy enterprises’ recruitment needs andtalents’ job hunting needs. Dalian Machinery Industry Training Center isqualified to provide personnel training at all levels for equipmentmanufacturing enterprises. Every year all types of training courses at alllevels for SMEs are basically free.

Interms of legal advisory services, Science & Technology World website andChina Machinery Leading Website build a legal advisory online Q&A platform.Through cooperation with law firms, lawyers can answer enterprise-related legalquestions online. The platform provides SMEs with offline legal advisoryservices, building a bridge between SMEs and law firms.

Interms of training services, the platform improves the skills of techniciansfrom equipment manufacturing SMEs by taking technical advantages of largeenterprises from the association. At the same time, professional trainings canhelp SMEs improve their ability to master cutting-edge core technology.

Interms of technical services, by virtue of the high-end technology developers inthe company and mature website production mode, the service platform will helpDalian equipment manufacturing SMEs build their own official website, topromote enterprise’s brand image, release enterprise’s news and recommendenterprises’ products. The OA, an office systems developed by the company, isalso suitable for SMEs. The system can help them build scientific enterprisemanagement office system. SMEs can download it from the platform for free.

5. Toprovide enterprises with innovative project development and industrializationservices.

Science& Technology World website and China Machinery Leading Website set up new projectapplication consulting column, providing enterprise product innovation,industry upgrading and transformational development with free consultingservices through the first review function and expert database of DalianEquipment manufacturing technology innovation project application.

6. Tohelp enterprises exhibit and sell products.

Theproduct platform of Science & Technology World website and China MachineryLeading Website not only provides global distribution channels for Dalianequipment manufacturers’ products, but also builds a B2B trading platform forsci-tech products in form of innovative brands offering favorable andconvenient integrated services to the marketing of SMEs’ products.

NetworkExhibition Hall of Science & Technology World website will be showed in theform of three-dimensional image. The entirely new exhibition won’t be limitedby time and space, and it will give enterprises and their products a moreextensive, more comprehensive and a longer display.

7.Provide financial services to enterprises

DalianAssociation of Machinery Industry has cooperated with China Minsheng BankingCorp. Ltd. to build Dalian equipment manufacturing city commercial cooperativesand meet SMEs’ needs for funds. China Financial Leasing Co., Ltd, China ConstructionBank, Industrial Bank and other financial institutions are also invited topromote financing products.

8.Provide listing service

As alisted company in U.S. capital markets, Science & Technology World WebsiteMedia Group Co., Ltd. has an independent capital operation team, which canprovide enterprise listing services to SMEs.

9.Promote communication and cooperation between enterprises

Blogand BBS of Science & Technology World website have independent section andcolumn for SMEs. The SMEs have a stage to show themselves, and also have aplatform to communicate with each other.

TheSMEs can release information about themselves and their products on their ownblogs as a window to communication and display.

SMEscan post a topic or reply questions on BBS of Science & Technology worldwebsite as a communicate mode with other enterprises.

Theplatform will have a special section for enterprises to post their demands fortalents, products and equipments in the form of BBS, through which SMEs can communicatewith each other in an effective way. Problems can be solved quickly in theprocess of development.

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